UCX Multi-Site

UCX Multi-site capability delivers simple, cost-effective communications and survivability across multiple Enterprise locations. Benefit from true unified communications across all sites regardless whether you are located at the head office, at a branch location, or are a remote user.  For today's mobile workforce, employees can now use any phone in any location and enjoy all of the same UCX features they need to be productive, or use the InfinityOne client for complete mobility on PC or Mac including Voice, IM, and Channels. UCX Multi-site capability gives Enterprises the flexibility to network unlimited users across unlimited sites and increase uptime with easy to manage Active – Standby configurations.  

Location Types:

  • Head Quarters / Main Office: Centralized control / management for users, branches, remote/mobile extensions, applications, dialing plan, etc.
  • Secondary Office: Standalone solution with local control / management, redundancy options and disaster recovery site capabilities
  • Standalone Branches: Local control / management for small and medium sites with specific network up-time needs
  • Survivable Branches: Centralized control / management with local control option for network downtime periods
  • Small Branches: Centralized control / management for small offices without critical needs in network downtime periods
  • Home Workers: Transparent UCC desktop and enterprise telephony using WAN / VPN / Internet resources
  • Road Warriors / Mobile & Power Users: Unified communications / collaboration and enterprise telephony anywhere

UCX Multi-site benefits:

  • Seamless Call Routing – Efficient routing of outbound calls across the network (through the most cost-effective location).  
  • Simplified Management – Centralized web browser makes it easy to manage the entire communication system.
  • Hot-Desking – Employees who travel between sites can log into any phone on the network regardless of location with the InfinityOne client.
  • Feature Transparency  – A wealth of features – including mobility, conferencing, cross-location paging, messaging, and more.
  • Presence –  Monitor handsets from other sites via BLF.
  • Private Dial Plan – A single receptionist can manage all calls for multiple sites and desk to desk calling. 
  • Centralized Messaging – Convenient unified voicemail and voicemail to email access across all sites.

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